Jonathan M. Cohen

Vice President of Applied Research, NVIDIA
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Parallel Graph Coloring with Applications to the Incomplete-LU Factorization on the GPU. Maxim Naumov, Patrice Castonguay, Jonathan Cohen. NVIDIA Tech Report 2015. [project with link to paper] [GTC Talk] [proof of optimality of minmax algorithm (unpublished)]

cuDNN: Efficient Primitives for Deep Learning. Sharan Chetlur, Cliff Woolley, Philippe Vandermersch, Jonathan Cohen, John Tran, Bryan Catanzaro, Evan Shelhamer. Deep Learning and Representation Learning Workshop (NIPS 2014). [paper] [product page]

NVBIO. GPU-Accelerated bioinformatics primitives library. Includes alignment, index building, and error correction tools. Incubated in NVIDIA's Emerging Applications group. Launched 2014. [github] [product page] [Jacopo Pantaleoni's blog post] [GTC Talk 1] [GTC Talk 2]

AmgX. GPU-Accelerated Sparse iterative solver library. Incubated in NVIDIA's Emerging Applications group. Product launched 2014. [product page] [GTC Talk about Algebraic Multigrid]

A Parallel Auxiliary Grid Algebraic Multigrid Method for Graphics Processing Units. Lu Wang, Xiaozhe Hu, Jonathan Cohen, Jinchao Xu. SIAM J. Scientific Computing 35(3), January 2013. [paper] [arxiv]

Processing Device Arrays with C++ Metaprogramming. Jonathan Cohen. In GPU Computing Gems, Jade Editions by Wen-Mei Hwu. [archived source code on github] [GTC Talk]

A Local Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Stochastic Rendering. Peter Shirley, Timo Aila, Jonathan Cohen, Eric Enderton, Samuli Laine, David Luebke, Morgan McGuire. Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) 2011. [paper]

Scalable Fluid Simulation using Anisotropic Turbulence Particles. Tobias Pfaff, Nils Thurey, Jonathan Cohen, Sarah Tariq, Markus Gross. ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2010). [paper] [mp4]

Interactive Fluid-Particle Simulation using Translating Eulerian Grids. Jonathan M. Cohen, Sarah Tariq, and Simon Green. Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) 2010. [paper] [lecture slides] [video] [NVIDIA Turbulence] [youtube]

Fast Tridiagonal Solvers on the the GPU. Yao Zhang, Jonathan M. Cohen, and John D. Owens. Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP 2010). [paper] [Yao Zhang's archived source code]

See also: A Hybrid Method for Solving Tridiagonal Systems on the GPUs. Yao Zhang, Jonathan Cohen, Andrew Davidson, John Owens. In GPU Computing Gems, Jade Editions by Wen-Mei Hwu.

A Fast Double Precision CFD Code Using CUDA. Jonathan M. Cohen and Jeroen Molemaker. Presented at Parallel CFD 2009. [extended astract] [paper] [Archived OpenCurrent project on github] [GTC Talk]

Low Viscosity Flow Simulations for Animation. Jeroen Molemaker, Jonathan M. Cohen, Sanjit Patel, Jun-yong Noh. Symposium on Computer Animation 2008. Winner Best Paper Award. [paper] [video (mpeg4)] [youtube]

Levelsets in production: Spider-Man 3. Chris Allen, Jonathan M. Cohen, Doug Bloom, Daniel P. Ferreira, Sho Hasegawa, Cory McMahon. SIGGRAPH 2007 sketches. [sketch]

Rendering tons of Sand. Chris Allen, Doug Bloom, Jonathan M. Cohen, Laurence Treweek. SIGGRAPH 2007 sketches. [sketch]

The Birth of Sandman. Christoph Ammann, Doug Bloom, Jonathan M. Cohen, John Courte, Lucio Flores, Sho Hasegawa, Nikos Kalaitzidis, Terrance Tornberg, Laurence Treweek, Bob Winter, Chris Yang. SIGGRAPH 2007 sketches. [sketch] [making of] ["Birth of Sandman" sequence]

Dynamic execution tracing of physical simulations. Jonathan M. Cohen. SIGGRAPH 2007 sketches. [sketch] [lecture slides]

FELT (Field Expression Toolkit) and Ahab. Volume modeling and fluid simulation tools at Rhythm and Hues. Michael Kowalski and I were the original developers of Felt, and I was lead developer of Ahab. Many other people were involved in development, and a lot of great features were added after I left in 2005. [Academy Award] [Tech report from Jerry Tessendorf describing some aspects of Felt] [sketch about Felt] [another sketch about Felt] [sketch about Ahab]

Fluid Simulation via Disjoint Translating Grids. Sanjit Patel, Jonathan M. Cohen, Frédéric Pighin. SIGGRAPH 2005 sketches. [sketch]

Oriented particle level set for fluid simulation. Frédéric Pighin , Sanjit Patel, Anson Chu, Jonathan M. Cohen. Symposium on Computer Animation 2005 poster. [poster]

Image-based lighting with a piecewise-constant important function. Jonathan M. Cohen. SIGGRAPH 2004 sketches. [sketch] [lecture slides] [tech report]

Practical Simulation of surface tension flows. Jonathan M. Cohen and M. Jeroen Molemaker. SIGGRAPH 2004 sketches. [sketch] [lecture slides]

Modeling and editing flows using advected radial basis functions. Frédéric Pighin, Jonathan M. Cohen, Maurya Shah. 2004 Symposium on Computer Animation. [paper] [video]

Extended Galilean invariance for adaptive fluid simulation. Maurya Shah, Jonathan M. Cohen, Sanjit Patel, Penne Lee, Frédéric Pighin. 2004 Symposium on Computer Animation. [paper] [video] [addendum - proof of Galilean invariance]

HDREye (High Dynamic Range panoramic camera). At the time, it was quite state-of-the-art. Developeed as a collaboration between Rhythm and Hues and Cheshire Engineering. I wrote most of the software to convert raw camera data to usable imagery. [product page] [archived brochure]

Assembling the sculptures of the Parthenon. Jessi Stumpfel, Chris Tchou, Tim Hawkins, Paul Debevec, Jonathan M. Cohen, Andrew Jones, Brian Emerson, Philippe Martinez, Tomas Lochman. SIGGRAPH 2003 sketches. [sketch] [project]

Data-driven photorealistic faces for virtual actors. Frédéric Pighin, Tim Hawkins, Jonathan M. Cohen. Visionary Magazine 2002.

LightGen.  Jonathan M. Cohen, Paul Debevec.  HDRShop plugin 2001. [project]

A Photometric approach to digitizing cultural artifacts. Tim Hawkins, Jonathan M. Cohen, Paul Debevec. Virtual Reality, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage (VAST) 2001. [paper] [project]

Light Stage 2.0. Tim Hawkins, Jonathan M. Cohen, Chris Tchou, Paul Debevec. SIGGRAPH 2001 sketches. [sketch] [project]

Real-time high dynamic range texture mapping. Jonathan M. Cohen, Chris Tchou, Tim Hawkins, Paul Debevec. Eugraphics Rendering Workshop 2001. [paper] [project]

Systems for sketching in 3D. Jonathan M. Cohen. Senior thesis, Brown University, 2000. [thesis]

Harold: A world made of drawings. Jonathan M. Cohen, John F. Hughes and Robert C. Zeleznik. Non Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR) 2000. [paper] [movie] [project]

Skin: A constructive approach to modeling free-form shapes. Lee Markosian, Jonathan M. Cohen, Thomas Crulli and John F. Hughes. SIGGRAPH 2000. [paper] [video] [project]

An interface for sketching 3D curves. Jonathan M. Cohen, Lee Markosian, Robert C. Zeleznik, and John F. Hughes. Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics (I3D) 1999. [paper]